Resolutions adopted at the 2017 AAUW-WI State Convention

Water Resolution

Therefore, be it resolved to encourage AAUW-Wisconsin and its member branches to work to make a difference on issues of water cleanliness, supply and access, by:

  • Educating ourselves and others on the issues of adequate clean water and affordable access, especially as it impacts a person’s ability to learn and the detrimental impact on our communities when water is contaminated or unavailable;
  • Advocating with governments and agencies in favor of measures that protect access to clean, adequate and affordable water and by opposing action that restricts such access; Promoting research based decision making on all issues related to water quality and access;
  • Acting locally in collaboration with other community members and organizations to address water issues of local significance; supporting the efforts of other organizations that use fact-based research to educate, advocate and act on issues of water quality, access and affordability

Respectfully submitted from the floor at the 2017 AAUW-WI convention with the support of the Wausau branch, submitters of an earlier resolution on Water and with input from the Northwoods branch

AAUW Support for College Campus Victims of Sexual Assault

Therefore, be it resolved to authorize AAUW Wisconsin to pursue greater support for:

  • Educating college and university students about sexual violence on campuses;
  • Supporting college and university sexual violence victims by researching the issue in depth, including information about support services available to victims;
  • Identifying steps AAUW members can take to make a difference, including, but not limited to:
    -advocacy for increased funding for administrative staff, such as Title IX coordinators, to pursue programs for incoming students regarding their safety on campus;
    -increased analysis of Title IX’s role in ending sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and violence, in education;
    -increased review of campus reporting processes to ensure transparency and the   opportunity for confidential reporting;
    -increased clarity about college and university consequences for perpetrators of sexual assault.

Respectfully submitted by MaryBeth Petesch, Public Policy Chair, with the support and endorsement of the Oshkosh AAUW Membership. Board approved 8/5/2016