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A Message from AAUW Wisconsin President, Joan Schneider

Picture of President Joan Schneider

President Joan Schneider

August 15, 2020

Dear AAUW-WI Members,

Welcome to a new and interesting year in AAUW. During these challenging times, I urge AAUW members to consider our public policy and commit to implementing at least one action as an individual or branch to make our communities a better place. I also ask you to participate in our public policy sessions on August 25 and 27.

A Call to Action…

“AAUW promotes the economic, social, and physical well-being of all persons.”
This is a powerful statement. How about equal pay? The economics of people of color is in the news daily in part because of the effects of the corona virus on low income and/or minority people. With insurance problems due to loss of employment and a pandemic, physical well-being is in jeopardy. The challenges to social well-being are enormous. With
extra strain on services during the pandemic, some members of our communities are left without support they depend upon. What action can we as AAUW members implement?

“AAUW believes that high-quality public education is the foundation of a democratic society and the key to improving economic prosperity and gender equality.”
I imagine you are watching, as I am, issues like vouchers affecting our schools. Now we have added pressures on education during a pandemic. The questions and uncertainties are providing a real struggle for parents, educators, administrators, politicians, and especially our children. What is best? What is our timeline? As a former educator and as a parent, I wonder how decisions will be made. Education looks different. Will there be long term changes that could actually benefit education? What about our economically disadvantaged? What action can we as AAUW members implement?

“Basic to all of AAUW’s public policy efforts is the understanding that true equality requires a balance between the rights of the individual and the needs of the community. AAUW opposes all forms of discrimination and supports constitutional protection for the civil rights of all individuals.”
Questions about immigrants’ rights have been in front of us for years. What about the Black Lives Matter movement? We need to take a closer look at civil rights denied to minorities. Maybe we need to examine our own and our branch’s intentions toward civil rights.
What action can we as AAUW members implement?

In some of our branches we have members reading books especially chosen to help us be better citizens in regard to civil rights. Many AAUW members regularly contact their lawmakers. Branch programs are planned to reflect on and inform about our public policies. AAUW people are attending rallies to show support. Members actively help immigrants as they settle in our communities. Some tutor reading. Share with me action that your branch or you as an individual member are doing. What action can we as AAUW members implement?

A Call to Action, Get Out the Vote!

– Joan