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A Message from AAUW Wisconsin President, Lyn Hildenbrand

President Lyn Hildenbrand

President Lyn Hildenbrand

September 3, 2019

Dear AAUW-WI Members,

As I embark on my 2nd term serving as your president, I would like to thank you for entrusting me to lead us into the future. One of my goals is to lead in a manner that enables us to align with the national agenda set forth by our new CEO, Kim Churches, in her strategic plan which includes 8 objectives: focus, relevance, impact, liquidity, adaptability, sustainability, transparency & accountability. Check out the strategic plan on the National Website.

We need to be relevant & engaged, always keeping our mission – AAUW advances equity for women & girls through advocacy, education and research – in the forefront of all we do and/or plan to do as an association.

As a state association, we should be focused on our mission when we engage in our communities. Rather than taking on every issue that presents itself to us, our goal is to remain focused on advancing equity for Women & Girls. This will enable us to have a greater impact, wherever we serve. It is important for us to realize that we can’t be everything to everyone, and we can’t possibly take on every issue that faces women & girls, so we need to remain focused. AAUW needs to be relevant for both today and tomorrow. Focusing on areas that we, as an organization, have been a trailblazer in, (equal pay, Title IX, stem etc.) empowers us to have a real impact for Women & Girls. Peggy Ryan Williams, our National Board representative, informed me that Economic Security is the #1 agenda item for AAUW, for this biennium.

Through Work Smart, our collective goal is to provide salary negotiation workshops online to 1 million women by 2020. Peggy encouraged us to go online and try Work Smart for ourselves. There are no bylaw changes that have been brought forward, consequently we don’t have to update our bylaws this year. We will continue to refine our distribution of the Badger Briefs via email; this is a work in progress, so please bear with as we fine tune this process.

Remember, as an affiliate of AAUW, whatever we do should allow us to have a direct, focused, measurable impact on women & girls. Let’s aspire for more, while being relevant, engaged and focusing on our mission. Through our mission centered work, we will be able to recruit new members, which in turn assures the future of AAUW!

I just got off a conference call with AAUW presidents from 11 states, ranging from Texas in the south to MN in the north, and 9 other states (including us) in between. New this year:

Dates: June 18 & 19, 2020
Pre-convention activities: Wednesday, June 17th
Opening session: 9am on Thursday, June 18th
Closing session: Friday, June 19th
Where: Hyatt in Quad Cities, Iowa

Costs: (best guesstimates): $100 registration fee, meals are all separate lunch & dinner (breakfast is included with your hotel registration) prices vary – lunch & dinner on Thursday/Friday approximately $75 each day. There is a potential option for a riverboat dinner cruise $50. Local Transportation costs are woven into the registration fees (approximately $10 per person)….and remember all of these figures are preliminary.

Good chance: Kim Churches, our National Director, will be one of the speakers…

It is my hope that each branch sends at least their president to the conference; remember and remind branches that this is in place of the national convention that normally takes place in June, so I am hopeful that folks budgeted for this.

That’s all for now…