The Latest Badger Brief is Here!

The fall issue of Badger Briefs hit the inboxes of our members this past week.  The change from paper to electronic is a new endeavor that will save some trees, appeal to members on the go and will help our state organization utilize our dues in more effective ways.

President Lyn Hildenbrand

This issue feature an article from our resident, Lyn Hildenbrand.  Be “in the know” by reading about AAUW’s national goals.  “Through Work Smart our collective goal is to provide salary negotiation workshops online to 1 million women by 2020.” writes Ms. Hildenbrand.

Also addressed is a SWOT analysis of AAUW.  Click on the link to this issue and find out what has been identified as our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and  Threats.  By identifying who we are and where we can go, success can be achieved.

In this issue is more information about this year’s convention! Learn about the efforts of Denise Anastatio and Gretchen McCarthy, the Co-Chairs and their group of doers.

With many more articles by great contributors this first effort by our new editor Tamar Morgan is informative, entertaining and inspirational.

Click here to view our Fall 2018 Badger Brief



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